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Intelligent Energy Magazine

Intelligent Energy Magazine


Welcome to the Intelligent Energy e-library

The aim of the e-library is to bring together in one place a range of tools and guidebooks on energy efficiency, renewable energy applications and sustainable mobility. It includes items funded under the Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE)  programme and a selection of instruments picked from over 2,500 EU funded projects (under Altener and Save, CIVITAS, Structural and regional funds, LIFE, RTD 2002-2006 and Phare). In addition, nationally and regionally funded tools and guidebooks have been included. By providing a thematic collection and consolidation of existing material in selected programme areas, the e-library helps to eliminate intensive initial project phases and removes the need to redevelop certain tools and guidebooks. It also ensures that information remains accessible beyond the legal duration of project contracts.

Who is it for?

Are you planning to submit a proposal under the Intelligent Energy call? Are you an energy manager looking for innovative methods on reducing your company’s energy consumption? Or are you a local decision maker looking for action plans to set CO2 reduction targets for your community? This web inventory will help you to find these and other resources you need.

What are tools and guidebooks?

This ready-to-use resource brings together a truly comprehensive collection of tools and guidebooks. These are practical aids developed for widespread use, offering instructions where necessary, or written material guiding and advising specific target groups.

How does it work?

Simply browse the contents in the thematic menu on the left or make a free text search using the window above. Alternatively, the advanced search  option allows you to search by theme, type of tool, language, target audience and keyword. In addition, four thematic publications including the full lists of tools and guidebooks are available to download: (click on one theme to download the publication) Energy Efficiency in Industry, Local/Regional Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Transport.

Rate a tool or share it!

If you think that a tool or guidebook is helpful, you can rate it using a star system. Your rating will help to guide other users towards the best tools. Also, you are encouraged to submit new tools or guidebooks or updated versions through the website. In this way you can help to develop the library and ensure that it is a source of continuous innovation.

This section includes tools and guidebooks focusing on small-scale solar applications such as domestic solar thermal heating and cooling and photovoltaic electricity production. More tools and guidebooks can be found in the first level section on Renewable energy or by using the advanced search to view a wider set of results by target audience, keyword, type of tool, country or language.

Title  Sort asc. Type of tool Funding  Year  Sort desc. Lang. Rated
SOLARGE - Course on collective solar thermal systems Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Training Material EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * * *
Leitfaden photovoltaische anlagen (=Guidebook on photovoltaic installations) Decision Support System, Guidelines Local/Regional/National 2008 DE * **
Solvarmekalkulator (=Solar heat calculator) Calculation Tool Local/Regional/National 2008 DA * **
BEST RESULT-E-Learning modules on solar cooling Training Material EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * * *
SOLARGE - Good Practice database Benchmarking Tool, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Planning Too... EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * **
SOLAIR - Best practice catalogue on successful running solar air-conditioning appliances Benchmarking Tool, Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidebook/... EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN, ES, FR * **
Solar Keymark II - DHWScale: Software for extrapolating performance test results of one solar domestic hot water (DHW) system tested to systems of the... Calculation Tool, Evaluation System, Simulation Tool EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * **
Solar Keymark II - Specific CEN keymark scheme rules for solar thermal products Benchmarking Tool, Evaluation System EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * * *
Solar Keymark II - Specific CEN Keymark Scheme Rules for Solar Thermal Products (version 9.04) Benchmarking Tool, Evaluation System EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2008 EN * *
pvresources.com - Photovoltaic software Monitoring System, Planning Tool, Simulation Tool Private 2008 DE, EN, FR * * *



ManagEnergy: Coordination and support for implementation of EU energy policies by local authorities and energy agencies
Deadline for receipt of tenders is Monday 24 October 2011, 16h00 Brussels time
Invitation to tender 
Tender specifications
Draft service contract 
Simplified financial statement 
Financial overview template 
IEE project performance indicators
Deadline for receipt of tenders is Tuesday 4 October 2011, 16h00 Brussels time
Invitation to tender 
Tender specifications
Draft service contract 
Simplified financial statement 
26/08/2011: corrigendum to the Simplified financial statement
Please use this revised version as Simplified financial statement (a correction was made to the formulas of the ratio's)
Financial overview template 

Intelligent Energy Magazine - Get the latest news on the IEE Programme

Intelligent Energy Europe Magazine No. 3 (October 2011)

Renewable energy. A new era.

Download (pdf, 2.5 Mb)

Intelligent Energy Europe Magazine No. 2 (April 2011)

Energy efficeny. The winning track.

Download (pdf, 2.5 Mb)

Download poster (English)

Intelligent Energy Europe Magazine No. 1 (November 2010)

Energy education. Have you done your homework?

Download (pdf, 2.5 Mb)

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Lavoro nel Commerciale del fotovoltaico
per la produzione di energia elettrica




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